Voices of Health Competition

The Competition:

Aetna's Voices of Health competition is designed to celebrate the non-profit agencies that bring positive change to our communities, inspire us, and make us all stronger. This year's finalists are exceptional examples of our local heroes who work each day to address the social determinants of health in our communities.

2019 Nominations are now closed

Thanks to everyone for the amazing nominees! Stay tuned, finalists will be announced in the coming weeks.

2018 AVOH Competitions

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We’d like to thank all the nonprofit organizations for their participation in the program. Their hard work and dedication to bettering our communities has been an inspiration to us all. We’d also like to thank all the voters and supporters that turned out in force to make this competition a great success. Be sure to check out the competition pages below to view the winners. And stay tuned, 2019 VOH competitions will be coming soon!