Billings Forge Community Works

Hartford, CT

Billings Forge Community Works

Who We Are:
Billings Forge Community Works (BFCW) is a driving force for community participation and empowerment in Frog Hollow, CT through promoting access to healthy food; engaging youth; and developing employment opportunities and economically sustainable social enterprises.

What We Do:
The Kitchen: A social enterprise offering job training in our two café locations and full-scale farm-to-table catering business.
Farmers Market: Offering healthy, local food to the community year round while supporting local farmers and the farm to table movement.
Youth: Programs provide out of school time opportunities for our neighborhood
Garden: A community garden and edible classroom providing the landscape for community to work, learn and harvest together.
Firebox: Award winning farm-to-table restaurant offering employment opportunities to Frog Hollow.
Apartments: a 95 unit, mixed income housing complex where home is more than four walls and a roof.

Our Story:
Billings Forge was founded in 2008 with seed funding from the Melville Charitable Trust. Hartford is one of the US’s poorest cities, and Frog Hollow is one of the poorest neighborhoods within Hartford. We are a nimble organization that draws on the entrepreneurial expertise of community and staff. We develop social enterprise businesses to help sustain the cost of running our nonprofit organization. We believe no matter what has happened to a person in the past, they deserve a good job to support themselves and their family and a nice place to live. We believe that, working together, we can build a healthier neighborhood. Billings Forge is not just a place, it is our HOME.


Our Contact Info:

Billings Forge Community Works
227 Lawrence Street, Second Floor
Hartford, CT 06106

Contact Name
Mike Miller

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