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Chicago, IL

Chicago Youth Programs

Who We Are:
Chicago Youth Programs (CYP) is an innovative organization whose mission is to improve the health at life-opportunities of at-risk youth using a comprehensive approach aimed at developing their capabilities. Our goal for each child is that he or she might complete the higher education degree necessary to escape poverty, and all its associated health risks, long-term.

What We Do:
For 30 years now, CYP has served youth living in some of Chicago’s most economically depressed areas, this includes the three broad community areas of: Near North/Cabrini Green, Washington Park, and Uptown. CYP’s commitment is to shepherd at-risk youth from preschool through college, cultivating the healthy lifestyles and skills necessary to overcome poverty long-term.

Programming areas include: literacy, one-on-one tutoring, mentoring, recreation, leadership development, college prep/placement, need based scholarships, health intervention programs, and free health care.

All of CYP’s programs are free and free transportation is provided to ensure access.

Our Story:
CYP was founded in 1984 by medical students in Chicago who grew concerned with the challenges of youth living in high rises just a few blocks away. What began as a mentoring and recreation program soon grew as the founders came to realize it would take more to make the long-term impact they were looking for. The successful original program founded in Cabrini Green was eventually replicated in Washington Park (1995) and Uptown (1998). Today, CYP serves 900 youth each year through regular programming and two free health clinics.


Our Contact Info:

Chicago Youth Programs
5350 South Prairie Ave
Chicago, IL 60615

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Kevin McNicholas
Chief Administrative Officer
773-924-0222 x120

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