The Little Bit Foundation

St Louis, MO

The Little Bit Foundation

Who We Are:
The Little Bit Foundation is a St. Louis-based nonprofit committed to breaking down the barriers of poverty on a child’s ability to enter the classroom confident and ready to learn. Our mission is about addressing basic needs while preserving each child’s dignity. Serving the whole child – body, mind and spirit. Planting roots in school communities to impact student attendance, discipline and academic performance. Delivering programs that clothe, feed, ensure health and wellness, build self-esteem and provide a little bit of help and hope. We do this by partnering closely with St. Louis area schools.

What We Do:
Through a unique distribution model of weekly, one-on-one interaction with students in our sponsored schools, we ensure they receive what they need, including the knowledge that someone cares and believes in them. The core of our services, which is the provision of shoes, coats, undergarments, books and other essential items, is enhanced by health and wellness programming, delivered in affiliation with local providers and designed to ensure healthy physical and emotional growth. Together, they form the Little Bit brand of wraparound services, a holistic approach to supporting student success in the classroom.

Our Story:
The idea for The Little Bit Foundation began with a request from an inner-city school teacher to provide coats for her students. While delivering the coats and seeing the level of poverty minutes from their homes, co-founders Rosemary Hanley and Elise Tierney were inspired to launch an initiative that would see to the most fundamental needs of children in impoverished areas. Today, we are an army of nearly 100 volunteers serving the physical, mental and emotional needs of 5,000 students in 17 St. Louis area schools.


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The Little Bit Foundation
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