Phoenix Rescue Mission

Phoenix, AZ

Phoenix Rescue Mission

Who We Are:
For more than 60 years, the Phoenix Rescue Mission has cared for homeless men, women and children living in the greater Phoenix area. Our vision is to see our community mobilized to transform lives and end hunger and homelessness.

What We Do:
Hopeless, hungry and on the streets – this is the reality for more than 17,000 people living in the greater Phoenix Area. At the Phoenix Rescue Mission, we believe “Hope begins with a Meal.” Providing three meals a day, 365 days a year, the Mission cares for anyone who comes to our door.

Though best-known for our delicious food, the Phoenix Rescue Mission offers many more programs and services on its three campuses in the metro Phoenix Area. Phoenix Rescue Mission provides food, shelter, chapel and recovery services to the homeless and working poor people of metropolitan Phoenix. Hundreds of hot meals are served daily to anyone in need. 150 beds provide shelter for men each night. Street Outreach ensures the unsheltered are fed and protected from the elements. A 12 to 24 month, spiritually-based addiction recovery program is available for men, women and women with children. Our Changing Lives Center for women and children currently serves 140 women and children in long-term, residential recovery programming. Most of the women served have experienced homelessness, as well as trauma such as domestic violence and sexual assault.

Our Community Engagement programs focus on community outreach, designed to help neighbors in need with basic services. Our Hope Coach, a mobile mission, travels the streets providing necessities to the homeless sleeping in parking lots, under overpasses and in alleys, meeting them where they are, while encouraging them to consider long-term solutions. To support the area’s working poor, the Mission holds a weekly Farmer’s Market, which allows families to shop for groceries and fresh, nutritious food options, such as locally grown fruits and vegetables. The Phoenix Rescue Mission’s work is supported by 6,000 volunteers annually from local businesses, churches and other groups.

Our Story:
The Phoenix Rescue Mission was founded in 1952 by six local businessmen who were concerned about the number of migrant workers sleeping in fields, with little to eat. Laborers, riding the rails to find opportunity in the desert, also began congregating downtown, begging. Our founders engaged their friends, family, local churches and businesses to “lend a hand” in meeting the needs of those in poverty. Service to the poor and forgotten was the foundation of the Phoenix Rescue Mission. Today the Phoenix Rescue Mission serves over 386,000 meals each year, provides over 79,000 nights of shelter and during our Code Red summer heat relief campaign we distribute over 400,000 bottles of cold water and other essential supplies when temperatures often exceed 110 degrees. Together we can transform lives and transform our city.

Thank you for taking the time to learn about Phoenix Rescue Mission. Your vote is our voice and could earn the Mission $30,000 to expand the work of our Hope Coach into other areas of the Valley.


Our Contact Info:

Phoenix Rescue Mission
1468 N. 26th Ave.
Phoenix, AZ 85009
(602) 233-3000

Contact Name
Nicole M. Peña
Director of Marketing and Public Relations
(602) 346-3342

Final Votes: 7,096

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