Vecna Cares Charitable Trust

Cambridge, MA

Vecna Cares Charitable Trust

Who We Are:
Vecna Cares is a nonprofit organization, established in 2009 to build and improve healthcare information infrastructures in underserved communities. We use our technology to increase access to healthcare services and improve health outcomes for the most vulnerable populations in the US and abroad. At Vecna Cares we strive to create a better world by remaining committed to our founding principles of excellence, integrity, and service. Our long-standing adherence to these values has helped us build and grow partnerships with other groups and individuals who also believe in quality, trustworthiness, and reliability in healthcare delivery.

What We Do:
Vecna Cares Charitable Trust provides training and technology to support and strengthen health systems in underserved areas for better health outcomes. We build systems that close the information gaps between patients, caregivers and decision makers. Our projects transition state of the art commercial healthcare information technology products into powerful, easily adaptable platforms that can work in the most challenging environments, serving the most disadvantaged populations. To date, our projects have taken us around the globe, from urban environments in Worcester MA to rural clinics in Kenya and Nigeria.

Our Story:
Vecna Cares Charitable Trust was founded as an extension of our for profit organization, Vecna. CEO and founder of Vecna, Debbie Theobald believed that all populations should have access to high quality healthcare services regardless of their location, circumstances or economic status. As a result Vecna Cares was established to pave the way for this to happen. Vecna Cares continues to share a unique relationship with Vecna, where we are able to combine public health initiatives with world-class engineering and project management resources, award winning intellectual property, and extraordinary expertise in product implementation.


Our Contact Info:

Vecna Cares Charitable Trust
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Jodi Scarbrough

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