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Central California Asthma Collaborative


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Central California Asthma Collaborative

CCAC's mission is to reduce the burden of asthma and other chronic conditions through education, intervention, policy analysis and advocacy, improving care, and reducing air and climate pollution in the eight counties of the San Joaquin Valley.

We see a San Joaquin Valley where the health of every resident is our foremost concern.

CCAC emphasizes the importance of healthy indoor air quality and healthy homes through its multi-component asthma intervention program, the Asthma Impact Model (AIM). The program educates and assists families in reducing asthma triggers, medication compliance, and improving their overall home and school environment. The program also improves asthma disease management and significantly reduces asthma emergencies among high-risk populations. Referrals come from collaborating clinical partners, such as community health centers, health plans, physicians and other safety net providers who provide care to majority low-income, uninsured and vulnerable populations in the region. We work closely with various local and regional NGO's and community-based organizations whose members are affected by this condition to promote access to the program and educate their members and communities on this issue.

CCAC also works to eliminate health and climate inequities by attacking health and climate harming environmental sources. We advocate and pro-actively partner with the various state agencies and associated boards and commissions that control them and whose work turns legislative policy into regulatory action, that in turn drives system change.

CCAC was established in 2011 by a group of healthcare professionals to provide education and direct services, build regional capacity, and advocate for sensible policies to improve health through the prevention and management of chronic disease. To accomplish this, CCAC has established a network of stakeholders who work in a regional capacity to improve health and the quality of life for San Joaquin Valley residents affected by air pollution, asthma and other chronic health problems. With headquarters in Fresno and satellite offices in Merced, Tulare and Bakersfield, CCAC serves the 8 county region of the San Joaquin Valley air basin. Current research shows that 1 in 6 Valley children have been diagnosed with asthma and there are over 350,000 asthmatic children and adults across our Valley.

Our contact info:

Central California Asthma Collaborative

Phone Number: (559) 272-4874