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Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank


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Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Nutrition Quality
You are what you eat, and we are committed to providing greater access to fresh fruits and vegetables. We use the Choose Healthy Options Program (CHOP) system to identify healthy foods.

Food Safety
We are committed to operating a clean facility and network of agencies to keep food fresh and safe, while offering resources on food safety education and food recall notices affecting our region.

We are aware of the impact of our operations, which is why the Food Bank is committed to environmental efforts that make positive social and ethical contributions in our community.

Diversity, Equality and Inclusion
We serve diverse community members and organizations and believe that diversity makes us stronger. We are committed to equality and inclusion and strive for a work environment where everyone feels respected, welcomed and accepted.

We exist because people in our community struggle with meeting a basic human need-having enough to eat. The mission of Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank is to feed people in need and mobilize our community to eliminate hunger. Food is something we all need and something we can all share. Our goal is to increase access to nutritious food and foster long-term stability for neighbors who struggle.

In June 1980, Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank opened its doors in Pittsburgh's Hill District. The Food Bank came at a time of great change in southwestern Pennsylvania. The once-thriving steel industry began to rapidly deteriorate during the early 1980s. The Food Bank was there to not only provide food assistance, but to help people get back on their feet.

Over the past 35 years, as the world of food assistance has evolved, the Food Bank has moved beyond emergency food assistance. Today, we work through a network of nearly 400 partner agencies and seven Partner Distribution Organizations (PDOs) that support additional agencies throughout our 11-county service area (see map). In fiscal year 2017, the Food Bank network distributed more than 33 million meals.

We are actively engaged in confronting issues of chronic hunger, poor nutrition and health. Our work includes childhood anti-hunger initiatives, special distributions to seniors and other vulnerable populations, nutrition education, anti-hunger advocacy and capacity-building efforts throughout our agency network. We have significantly reduced the amount of highly processed food in our distribution system so we can make the consumption of healthy, nutritious foods more accessible.

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Greater Pittsburgh Community Food Bank

Brian Gulish- Vice President, Marketing & Communications