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Peace-It-Together Counseling Agency


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Peace-It-Together Counseling Agency

Peace-It-Together (PIT) Counseling Agency is 501c3 non-profit, located in the heart of Santa Clara County, California. We are dedicated to working with at-risk youth and vulnerable populations who are in need of mental health services. We support clients in their self-discovery and empowerment towards change.

What makes PIT unique is our juvenile-justice involved youth programs, which focuses on working with youth who are attempting to overcome learned behaviors and beliefs that have supported a lifestyle of violence or sexual abuse towards others. Working with victims is incredibly vital work towards stopping the cycle of inter-generational violence and sexual abuse; and equally important is providing treatment to those being abusive in order to hold them accountable while working towards healthy relationships and increasing pro-social skills.

Our agency has committed to working with juvenile- justice involved youth to help clients reach their potential while reducing victimization and increasing safety in our community.

Data outcome research of our 2016 Teen Domestic and Family Violence Intervention program shows a 100% success rate among graduates, which means no new violent offenses were reported over a 2 year period.

We value evidenced-based programming and seek methods and treatment that support the best outcome for our clients.

Peace-It-Together (PIT) Counseling Agency specializes in treating at-risk youth and providing affordable mental health care to those who could not ordinarily afford mental health care. PIT has treated and educated hundreds of youth about intimate partner and family violence, since we first became a non-profit organization in 2002. In addition to treating hundreds of juvenile-justice involved youth, we have also served hundreds of Medi-Cal and served as a safety net for those uninsured individuals seeking counseling.

We offer unique programs to youth trying to overcome violence in their intimate and familial relationships. Additionally, we offer trauma groups, parenting classes and counseling services to: children, adolescence, adults and couples. We accept Medi-Cal, Victim Witness and sliding scale fee clients.

There are different modalities of treatment offered to meet clients' therapeutic needs, which include: group; family; couples; 1:1 counseling; telehealth counseling and school based counseling. Programs are also being provided to incarcerated youth at Juvenile Hall and the William James Ranch.

We are excited to share our youth intervention programs within the Santa Clara Unified and East Side Unified School Districts this coming school year to further promote healthy relationships and increase safety in our community.

In May, 2002 Peace-It-Together's (PIT) roots began by offering teen dating violence prevention presentations in middle schools and high schools in the hopes of educating youth about intimate partner dating violence. Our primary mission remains to stem the tide of domestic violence in our community by reaching out to teens and to provide affordable mental health care to vulnerable populations.

Statistics show that 1 out of 3 teens experience abuse in their relationships. Soon after our prevention program was created, we added a Teen Domestic and Family Violence Intervention program that has been successfully awarded 3 consecutive grants by the Santa Clara County Probation Department.

Peace-It-Together continued to grow as the needs in our community grew. Consequently, we were awarded another grant to offer a Sexual Offender program for sexually aggressive youth and a Sexual Trauma Treatment program for incarcerated youth.

As vulnerable populations with mild to moderate mental health care needs continued to grow throughout Santa Clara County, we rapidly responded by adding critical services while serving as a safety net to those in need.

We maintain that being financially disadvantaged should not be an additional burden to overcome in order to receive desperately needed mental health care.

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Peace-It-Together Counseling Agency

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