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HopeSparks Family Services


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HopeSparks Family Services

At HopeSparks, we envision a world where all children and families are safe, secure, and stable. Our mission is to strengthen families by inspiring courage and confidence to make a lasting change. HopeSparks is comprised of five core programs that serve children and families in Pierce County who face trauma, abuse, and overwhelming life challenges. Annually, we serve over 6,400 children and families, providing more than 26,000 family sessions and home visits agency-wide.

HopeSparks is a recognized leader in Pierce County in behavioral health, early intervention, kinship care, home visiting, eating recovery and parent education. Each year, thousands of children, teens, adults, families and couples turn to HopeSparks for critical life-changing support.

HopeSparks is intentional in providing exceptional behavioral health care and family services. Every individual who walks through our doors is welcomed by a safe, warm, friendly and inclusive environment.

HopeSparks strengthens families by inspiring courage and confidence to make a lasting change. We accomplish this through providing high quality, stigma reducing and evidence-based family services that address the crucial needs of children and families.

HopeSparks provides crucial, preventive and accessible mental health care for children, teens, adults, couples and families in Pierce County. By removing barriers and stigma, we provide services to help families manage their lives with reduced symptoms and less stress.

We focus on strengthening the entire family by including caregivers in treatment and recognizes caregiver support as a major key to change. This is proven by the success of our parent training programs and the successful results of our treatment. We specialize in the use of evidence-based practices to treat a variety of problems.

In 1895, when HopeSparks made a commitment to serve our community, the mission was simple: to meet the basic needs of struggling community members. We have been known by many names over the last 124 years, but our primary focus has remained unchanged: we address the needs of children and families in our community with the intended goal of creating strong families and lasting change.

As Associated Charities, our mission was to provide for the basic needs of Pierce County's struggling families. Our founders could never have imagined that their grassroots non-profit organization would evolve for more than a century and influence the lives of so many children and families.

Today we still provide basic needs for struggling children and families, and so much more. HopeSparks' stellar reputation for trauma-informed programs has grown beyond our original mission-we have evolved to address the pressing community need in Pierce County.

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HopeSparks Family Services