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New Albany Food Pantry

The mission of the New Albany Food Pantry is to identify and serve the hunger needs of individuals and families in the New Albany Plain Local School (NAPLS) district with dignity and hospitality.

New Albany Food Pantry primary programs include:

  • Food Pantry
  • Summer Meals Program
  • NAPLS Lunch fund: for use by teachers to assist children at school in need of nutrition/lunch.
  • NAPLS Snack Program (K-5): Snacks provided to students in need at school via counselors and principals.
  • Community Open Kitchen: cooking classes for clients, families and community.
  • Thanksgiving and Holiday Food Baskets
  • Holiday Gift giving
  • School Supplies
  • Resource Library

The New Albany Food Pantry began in 2009 as the Village Coalition Against Hunger (VCAH). In an effort to focus our services on New Albany Plain Local school district we relocated the food pantry onto school campus in 2016. In 2018 we changed our name to New Albany Food Pantry and formed a key partnership with Healthy New Albany: an innovative, grass-roots non-profit designed to embrace healthy living through community activities, events, and personalized wellness and disease prevention.

Having now established our core services which includes providing nutritious meals, reliable service and cooking education, the New Albany Food Pantry, in partnership with Healthy New Albany, will develop an Integrative Wellness Initiative that will expand operations, elevate our programming and expand access to critical resources.

New Albany Food Pantry Integrative Wellness Initiative

We want to focus on the totality of health and address our clients wholistically. While the food pantry provides food as a means for immediate nourishment; healthy living requires physical and mental wellness and access to basic life necessities beyond food, such as adequate housing, functioning utilities, adequate work, access to child care and health care, and nutrition education.

According to Family Journal, "The most effective community wellness programs are multifaceted and address: physical, mental, emotional, environmental, social, spiritual, and occupational health. One challenge communities or organizations have is finding programs to address anything other than physical health (e.g. fitness and nutrition)." Among the benefits of community wellness programs are fewer hospital and emergency room visits, people who feel more connected to their communities, and the promotion of stable communities with family values (

Our aim is to be a pantry...and so much more! Delivering a myriad of healthful services to all members of our community.

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New Albany Food Pantry

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