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Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation

Founded in 1987, the Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation was established as a 501(c) (3) non-profit organization by members of the Kiwanis Club of Little Havana, a civic service organization, with a mission to assist the underserved and at-risk minority youth of Miami-Dade County with their educational, cultural and recreational needs. Forming future leaders through education is the focal point of the Foundation. Its mission is to assist the financially underserved youth of Miami Dade County with their educational and recreational needs. As an active participant in the lives of thousands of young children in South Florida community, the organization accepts generous contributions from corporations and individual donors that enable them to continue to expand their programs and fulfill the needs of so many.

The Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation has programs aimed at improving the quality of life of underserved Miami-Dade County children and youth:

Back to School Project- Provides school supplies to over 8,000 children annually. In 2018, after 27 years of the project's existence it was expanded to reach Broward County. In 2018, over $250,000 worth of school supplies was distributed.

Scholarship Program- Was created to advance college education for underserved students in Miami-Dade County. Recognizing the difficulties encountered by students who are unable to attend college due to financial hardship, the Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation has been granting four-year scholarships to students who attend public colleges and universities in Florida. This program targets to assist students who, might otherwise find themselves unable to attend college due to extenuating financial circumstances.

Healthy Kids Summer Camp- The lives of hundreds of kids are impacted every year by the free 8-week sports and technology summer camp. Active lifestyles makes for a healthier child. The camp offers children from ages 7 to 13 an entire day full of activities, free healthy lunch, snacks, fieldtrips, coaching and more. This summer camp has become an essential part of the community. Families in the community, who can't afford the high cost of area summer camps, would not have a safe place to take their kids during the summer months otherwise.

Sports Leagues (Basketball, Soccer, Baseball)- Throughout the year, the Foundation offers free 8-week sports leagues for girls and boys ages 7-13. Uniforms and equipment are provided.

The Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation was established in 1987.

Our contact info:

Kiwanis of Little Havana Foundation

Lidia Sanchez, Foundation Administrator- 305-644-8888

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