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Lighthouse Youth & Family Services


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Lighthouse Youth & Family Services

Lighthouse is passionate about creating a community where every young person can thrive. When we connect the hopes and dreams of our youth with the tools to realize them, they feel empowered to succeed. All Lighthouse services promote healing and growth. Lighthouse is made up of people who believe our differences strengthen us, treat everyone with respect, and believe everyone has the capacity to grow and contribute to our community. We unite compassion with cultural competency. We support the safety and well-being of each young person. And we work hard to meet young people and their families where they are and understand their point of view. Lighthouse continually adapts to meet the needs of those we serve.

Lighthouse provides a safe haven that promotes hope and healing in our community. We serve young people ages 0-24 and their families in their communities, homes, and schools. Lighthouse provides mental health and behavioral health services. Lighthouse operates the only emergency shelter in Hamilton County for children ages 10-17, the only licensed Safe Place in Cincinnati. We offer shelter and services to help homeless youth achieve independence, safety, and success. The Lighthouse Street Outreach team provides care to homeless youth on the streets and encourages them to access shelter services. We help young people engaged with the juvenile justice system achieve long-term success. We offer services for infants and toddlers with disabilities or developmental delays. We also offer foster care and adoption, residential treatment, youth housing, and life skills training. Our Integrated Access program provides immediate assessments and helps young people and their families connect to mental health services and other needed resources. Lighthouse supports young people and families seven days a week.

Lighthouse has an unwavering commitment and dedication to supporting the well-being of young people and families in need. Since 1969, Lighthouse has grown from an agency serving 16 youth on a daily basis in two residential programs to a multi-service organization serving children, youth and families statewide.

Lighthouse - the only local agency focused on helping homeless youth--offers local services unlike any other in the country. We are known for starting and sustaining programs, for evolving and meeting our community's needs. Right now, Lighthouse is leading a community effort to end youth homelessness in Cincinnati. Partners include Strategies to End Homelessness, Family Housing Partnership, and Children's Law Center. With our community's support, young people who have survived some of life's worst challenges will receive what they need to thrive: stable housing, permanent connections, education, employment, and well-being.

Lighthouse has pioneered the development of many services for youth and families, and has received national recognition for its work in the areas of runaway and homeless youth, juvenile justice, independent living, and foster care. In addition, Lighthouse earned the "Innovator" seal of recognition from the Human Rights Foundation's All Children-All Families project for building and implementing innovative approaches to LGBTQ inclusion.

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Lighthouse Youth & Family Services
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