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Famicos Foundation

Famicos Foundation is a community development corporation located in Cleveland, Ohio that currently services the Glenville, Hough and St Clair/Superior neighborhoods. Our mission is to improve the quality of life in greater Cleveland through neighborhood revitalization, affordable housing, and integrated social services. We take pride in the work that we do and the communities that we work in. We carry out our work with the residents we service in mind and focus on the greater good of the community. By keeping our foundress, Sis. Henrietta's vision in mind, we strive to empower our residents to create an engaged, vibrant, diverse, healthy neighborhood; one where they choose to stay, invest, and help shape a neighborhood of choice.

Strengthen Housing Markets
Support Better Land Re-Utilization
Provide Impactful Urban Amenities
Promote Community-Supportive Commercial Efforts
Integrate Transportation and Mobility Accessibility into Neighborhood Development
Promote Active Living and Access to Healthy Foods
Employ Local Youth In Our Summer Employment Program
Participating Neighborhood in the Cleveland Clinic Health Challenge
Literacy Programming for Children and Adults
Promote Environmental Sustainability Efforts By Hosting Rain Barrel Workshops and Document Shredding Events
Encourage Residents to Grow Their Own Food by Supplying Green Space for Urban Gardens

Over forty-five years ago, Famicos Foundation began as a volunteer charity that provided basic needs of food, clothing and shelter to families. Our founder, Sr. Henrietta Gorris, CSA worked tirelessly with residents after the Hough riots to rebuild their homes and their spirit. With the help of volunteers, Sr. Henrietta worked to provide essentials and helped residents with minor home repairs.

Today we have created over 1,000 apartments and homes for those most in need - low wage-earning families, seniors, the chronically homeless and those with disabilities. Our resident and neighborhood services are tailored to meet varied needs and include, but are not limited to case management, food distribution, health and wellness screenings, emergency utility assistance and home repair, foreclosure prevention, education and youth development.

Since our inception, Famicos has grown from a volunteer organization to a professional organization with a 14 member Board of Trustees and a staff of 50 full-time employees and strives to make projects happen for the neighborhoods that we serve. Our supporters and volunteers provide extra-curricular activities for our children; they participate in neighborhood beautification projects, build playgrounds, help seniors with landscaping, and prepare tax returns for low-wage earning families.

Our contact info:

Famicos Foundation

Main Office Number: 216-791-6476
Location: 1325 Ansel Road Cleveland, Ohio 44106