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Providence House


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Providence House

Providence House is Ohio's first and one of the nation's longest operating crisis nurseries among the 70+ in operation in the US and Canada today. We offer free, voluntary (non-custodial) emergency shelter to children newborn through twelve years old, actively living in crisis situations which place them at risk of abuse or neglect.

We protect children by providing for their physical, emotional, developmental, and educational needs. We offer free, voluntary (non-custodial) 24/7 emergency shelter to children, aged newborn through twelve years old, who are at risk of abuse and neglect. Children in our care are provided with evidence-based assessments, therapies, daily activities, and individual nurturing that supports their developmental, social-emotional, medical, and educational enrichment.

We support families by to resources, cultivating nurturing practices, and encouraging responsibility. Providence House offers unique, individualized parent education, mentoring, family preservation, and Aftercare services to support long-term family stability. We link families to community support services, treatments, and therapies focused on developing safe, stable caregivers through intensive case management and counseling services.

Certified Trauma Specialists provide interventions and therapies to address the long-term impacts of trauma on child development and family dynamics.

We strengthen communities by advocating for underserved families and demonstrating the lasting impact of prevention. We partner collaboratively with nearly 100 public and private service providers in wrap services to promote family stability.Providence House conducted over 150 community outreach visits and speaking engagements this year to advocate for our families and the prevention of child maltreatment.

Providence House, Inc. was founded in 1981 to provide emergency shelter for children in Greater Cleveland whose families were experiencing a crisis. We are Ohio's first licensed Crisis Nursery, and offer free, voluntary (non-custodial) emergency shelter to children, aged newborn through 12 years old, who live in situations which place them at risk of abuse or neglect. In our 38 year history, we have supported over 8,000 children and families in crisis throughout Northeast Ohio.

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Providence House