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DangerMan Urbansuperhero Inc.


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DangerMan Urbansuperhero Inc.

DangerMan the Urbansuperhero promotes literacy, safety and good health for the children in urban and under-served community across America and Haiti. Empowering children to live their best life through education and a healthy lifestyle.

DangerMan travels to schools, Boys & Girls Clubs, and community centers giving children hope for tomorrow. DangerMan helps to feed children with healthy food when needed and books and clothing; he's a real life Superhero. Education, Safety, and Love are what our kids need. Keeping our kids in the school house and out of the jail house!

Roger Tinsley aka DangerMan became the Urbansuperhero in 1998 because a four year old in the car with her parents was shot and killed. That moved Tinsley and broke his heart. "Our kids are in Danger," he said, "and I must do something to help make a difference." DangerMan's Books Not Bullets work everyday to STOP THE GUN VIOLENCE!

Our contact info:

DangerMan Urbansuperhero Inc.

Office: (818)752-3952
Email: urban.superhero@gmail.com
Address 11684 Ventura Blvd Suite 368, Studio City, CA 91604
24 hour Crisis and Help Line: (818)-752-3952
Instagram: @dangermanurban