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Visión y Compromiso


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Visión y Compromiso

Visión y Compromiso is an organization that promotes community well-being by providing leadership and capacity building for Promotoras and Community Workers. Through our advocacy, training and development, technical assistance, project management and our network of Promotoras and Community Workers, we strengthen the Promotor workforce, create working tools sensitive to marginal communities, promote and facilitate the replication of programs for Promotores to maintain the authenticity of their work, disseminate and document data on improvements in the communities and the collective analysis of experiences and perspectives of Promotores as well as provide a structure that brings individual Promotores together and allows them to share resources and best practices. The regional network committee of Promotoras and Community Workers now includes more than 4,000 Promotores in 13 regions of California and one in Nevada.

Vision y Compromiso's Regional Committees, divisions of the Network, provide Promotores with personal development, workforce and professional training throughout the year via workshops, trainings and regional conferences.

Visión y Compromiso through local and statewide advocacy efforts build leadership, organizing and advocacy skills which prepare Promotores to participate with other stakeholders in decision making and policy development, convene forums that support policies reflective of community needs and beneficial to Promotores, collaborates with California policy organizations, and organizes the annual Promotores Legislative Day in Sacramento.

Visión y Compromiso also offers technical assistance and project management to public and private agencies interested in the integration of the Community Transformation Model. By developing and managing programs and conducting trainings for administrators and organizations who want to integrate Promotores into their workforce. Through collaboration with universities, agencies and community partners, Vision y Compromiso promotes culturally sensitive research and evaluation practices.

Visión y Compromiso was initiated in 2000, when more than 140 promotor leaders from different parts of the state of California were invited by Maria Lemus, and a group of advisors, to listen to a discussion, facilitated by promotor leaders from across the State, about a study that was conducted related to the needs in their communities. These needs were prioritized as follows:

  • Survival is a priority, health is second.
  • Better compensation, benefits, incentives and respect for their jobs.
  • Allocation of appropriate resources for programs to develop Promotoras and community workers.
  • Get organized to protect the rights and interests of Promotoras and community workers in California.
This gave birth to the Promotoras and Community Workers Network, which later was formalized as a non-profit organization Visión y Compromiso. Throughout the years, Visión y Compromiso has grown and evolved. Visión y Compromiso continues to advocate for the rights of Promotores. We offer trainings to develop basic, advanced and specialized skills for hundreds of Promotores annually. We work with agencies that employ and integrate Promotores. Politicians now recognize the value of Promotores and have designated the month of October as "Promotores Month" in California.

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Visión y Compromiso