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Alder Health Services


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Alder Health Services

Alder Heath Services improves the health and well-being of individuals living with HIV/AIDS and members of the LGBTQ community by providing a culturally competent and affirming environment that empowers the people we serve.

Alder Health Services provides high-quality case management and support services, health and wellness education, and physical and mental health services.

At Alder Health Services, we are passionate about creating a welcoming and accepting environment that encourages our patients and clients make the best possible decisions regarding their healthcare and well-being. To achieve this, we aim to build strong, honest, and lasting relationships while offering a holistic approach to health that includes a wide range of services that address both mental and physical health needs. We offer the following services:

  • Behavioral health services including psychiatric medication management.
  • Case management services for individuals living with HIV/AIDS in 10 counties of South Central Pennsylvania.
  • Free HIV & STI testing and treatment every Wednesday.
  • Primary Care Services focusing on the unique health needs of the LGBTQ+ community.
  • Transgender Health Services, including hormone therapy.
  • PrEP services for individuals at risk for contracting HIV.
  • Family planning and free or low cost cancer screenings.
  • A Wellness center for LGBTQ+ community members to have their own space where they feel comfortable in their own bodies.
  • Pharmacy- coming soon late summer 2019!
  • Food Bank- coming soon!
  • Clothing market- coming soon!

Alder Health Services was born from a longstanding commitment to the health and well-being of our community. Its success has been the result of the hard work and dedication of many individuals and organizations over the past 35 years.

Initially called AIDS Community Alliance, the Alder Health Services we know today was created when the Lancaster AIDS Project founded in 1985, and the South Central AIDS Assistance Network, founded in 1987, merged in an effort to provide a regionalized approach to HIV/AIDS services. Both of these founding organizations were created due to the outgrowth of volunteer efforts to assist people with AIDS prior to the allocation of funds provided by The Ryan White Care Act and the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania.

Over the years, we've continued evolving in unison with changing healthcare, policy, and social movements. We've added primary care and mental health services focused on benefiting undeserved LGBTQ+ populations, we've embraced a holistic approach to care that incorporates a broader understanding of wellness through learning and physical fitness, and we've made it a priority to create a culturally competent and affirming healthcare experience that empowers the people we serve.

Our contact info:

Alder Health Services

100 N. Cameron St.
Suite 201
Harrisburg, PA 17101
p. (717) 233-7190