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Water Street Mission


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Water Street Mission

Water Street Mission is a Christian non-profit focused on walking along-side and assisting in the restoration of individuals and families who are typically marginalized in our communities. We are compelled by the mission that Jesus quoted from Isaiah 61 as he started his ministry: to bring good news to the poor, healing and hope to the hurting, and to see them become "Oaks of Righteousness" and restorers of our broken communities. As we work with individuals and families experiencing homelessness and struggling with poverty, we seek to meet them where they are at by providing for their practical needs and building trust for the journey. We continue to walk with them as they rebuild their lives and develop the skills and resources needed to thrive. And we equip them to return to the community ready to contribute to, serve, and improve their neighborhoods and the community at large. For over 110 years, we have been blessed to see thousands of lives restored physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually, and we have seen Lancaster become a better place because of the impact of those who were once living on the edges.

We provide a healing environment that communicates dignity and love to our guests who are experiencing homelessness. Each individual is provided food, clothing, and shelter. While on campus each guest has a Liaison, Case Manager, and Life Coach assigned to them and receive free services from Water Street Health Services. The health services includes a full medical and dental facility, as well as behavioral health counseling, to address the physical and emotional issues. Water Street provides each guests the opportunity to grow in the eight dimensions of health. We seek to address: Life Skills, Sustainable Housing, Family Engagement, Physical Health, Behavioral Health, Finance Self-Sufficiency and Community Network with Spiritual Health at the core. Water Street Mission also provides the following outreach services for the community:

  • Outreach Ministries where food is provided to our neighbors in need.
  • Health Services for those neighbors who qualify
  • Wonder Club Early Learning Center supporting high-risk children in our community
  • Teen Haven for inner-city teens developing leadership and purpose.
Water Street Mission's passion is to provide the path, resources, and support for every marginalized neighbor in our community and to permanently end the cycle of poverty and homelessness in their lives.

Water Street Mission has been dedicated to providing a healing environment where rescue, renewal and complete restoration for hurting men, women, and children can occur to the less fortunate throughout Lancaster County.

The tradition of caring began in 1905 when Dr. Ezra and Mrs. Seiber, an optometrist and his wife, started a mission in the front room of a store front. The Mission was incorporated and chartered on April 11, 1917. Years later, after several moves the mission purchased in 1953 our current campus.

To see the growth in services within Water Street's overnight and residential programs, the Outreach Center for our community, the medical and dental clinic, Wonder Club Early Learning Center and Teen Haven would likely leave the Siebers with a look of wide-eyes amazement.

However, the growth and longevity of Water Street has come from the day in and day out adherence to the mission that the Siebers stated as they first incorporated as a non-profit organization. "To advance the Kingdom of God through the gospel of Jesus Christ and to do missionary, relief and rescue work of all kinds."

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Water Street Mission

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