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Beacon Clinic for Health and Hope


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Beacon Clinic for Health and Hope

Beacon Clinic is a group of medical providers whose mission is to inspire hope, health, and wellbeing by providing high quality, culturally competent, free, faith-based primary healthcare to underserved and uninsured adults in the Greater Harrisburg Area.

Our goal is to support wellness and longevity to our target population, adults ages 18-65. Many people are seeking care for chronic illnesses, which require medication to maintain wellness. We also treat people for other medical occurrences, again providing medications when necessary. Our practitioner's require patients return for monitoring of treatment effectiveness. This gives our medical providers the opportunity for appropriate follow up care and any necessary medication adjustments.

Aside from caring for the physiological well-being of patients, we care for the whole person including their socio-cultural, spiritual, developmental and psychological well-being. When necessary, we assist with transition to resources beyond our scope of services, such as: vision testing and glasses, physical therapy, dental, mental health, even access to housing and meals, along with other specialities.

Health and wellness can be viewed differently depending on the lens through which it is seen. When patients come into the exam room, they are not simply coming for a physical, quick check of vital signs and renewal of prescriptions that seem to be doing the trick. Rather, they are entering into a time of holistic assessment, a therapeutic, judgement-free environment where both tears and many laughs are shared as relationships are built, rooted in trust and a genuine desire for each patient to receive the healthcare they need, deserve and have the right to receive.

We care for people from 40 countries who speak a total of 26 languages, with all of this diversity one might lose site of the fact we are tucked away in a little corner of uptown Harrisburg. It can feel like an impossible task to explain diabetes or high blood pressure to someone who has never heard those words before. For this reason, much of an appointment is invested in educating the patient and their families on a given diagnosis, ultimately empowering them to take ownership of their health.

Since opening on March 15, 2015, Beacon Clinic has been dedicated to bettering the lives of every patient who walks through our doors. Our staff and volunteers have a heart and passion for people who live in the margins of society, those who are often overlooked or unqualified to receive healthcare.

Good health is the foundation for everything that matters. Each week patients enter with health diagnoses that, if left untreated, would have detrimental long-term effects on them. Oftentimes these people are living below the poverty level, in homes filled with multi-generational family members, with little income to rely on and a lot of responsibilities on their shoulders. For patients to provide care for their loved ones, they must first be equipped with the knowledge and resources to care for themselves.

We stand in that gap alongside every patient, committed to hearing their stories and providing them with the foundational knowledge they need to live a healthy life. We have been known to go above and beyond what some might see merely as a clinical setting. Come, visit and hear the impactful stories where we show the Love of God in action every day.

Our contact info:

Beacon Clinic for Health and Hope

Debra McClain, Executive Director
248 Seneca Street, PO Box 5870, Harrisburg, PA 17110