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Asociacion de Puertorriquenos en Marcha APM


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Asociacion de Puertorriquenos en Marcha APM

Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (APM) is a non-profit organization dedicated to improving the quality of life of our community through direct service and outreach in the Philadelphia region.

APM impacts thousands of people each year by offering a full spectrum of bilingual and culturally sensitive social services related to education, health, human services, and community and economic development.

We are a social service with four service fields:

Family Services
We are helping families face life's challenges while guiding them through their everyday needs. Through job readiness services, caring for the well-being of at-risk children and youth and providing training for foster/adoptive families, we are dedicated to support you in building a strong foundation.

Housing Services
Since 1989, APM has built 163 homes and 215 rental units. We have helped hundreds of families become credit worthy and prepared them for their next move.

Health Services
APM provides an array of professional behavioral health care services. Health care providers, psychiatrists, therapists, case managers, peer support specialists and other staff work together as a single team to treat the whole you, in two convenient locations in Philadelphia.

Community Services
APM focuses on improving quality of life issues in the communities we serve by creating dynamic social, economic, and environmental changes. We work together with the community in building a dynamic neighborhood.

Since its inception in 1970, APM has worked to implement and maintain initiatives in the areas of behavioral health: affordable housing options; home ownership; substance abuse treatment for adults; support services for families and individuals; head start, day care services, early intervention and child welfare.

APM was founded by a group of Puerto Rican Vietnam veterans who returned from the war and found that their own community was in need. The name Asociación Puertorriqueños en Marcha (Association of Puerto Ricans on the Move) reflects the spirit of activism and emerging political consciousness of the Puerto Rican community during that time.

APM incorporated as a non-profit on September 9, 1971, and has since grown from a staff of five housed in a storefront on Germantown Avenue, to a broad network of social services offered throughout Philadelphia. APM is a bilingual/bicultural organization that employs close to 300 professionals.

As our community continues to grow, and our clients reflect the diversity of the surrounding neighborhoods, we will continue to evolve and respond to the community's needs.

Our contact info:

Asociacion de Puertorriquenos en Marcha APM

Felix Moulier - External Affairs Coordinator