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Philadelphia Black Women's Health Alliance


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Philadelphia Black Women's Health Alliance

The Philadelphia Black Women's Health Alliance (PBWHA) is a non-profit, community-based health and human services organization. The mission of the PBWHA is to improve healthcare outcomes and eliminate and/or reduce health disparities experienced by women of color and their families through advocacy, education, research and support activities, programs and services.

Our vision is to be the premier advocacy, health education and training organization that serves the health interests of women and their families, while promoting and supporting their interests, education and training in the health professions to further reduce health disparities. The organizational foundation of PBWHA is grounded in the following Value-based Principles:

  • Principal I. Diverse and inclusive
  • Principal II. Empowering and self-sustaining approaches
  • Principal III. Ethically and morally guided
  • Principal IV. Exellence beyond expectations
  • Principal V. Responsive to present and emerging needs
  • Principal VI. Relentless resolve to realize the elimination and/or reduction of health disparities among women of color and their families

PBWHA strategically leverages partnerships with over 175 schools, community and faith-based organizations to achieve our mission-driven goals. Our efforts include forming diverse partnerships, direct services, evidence-based programs, and health education activities and events. PBWHA is asked to conduct research, surveys and focus groups to capture the voices of women regarding their needs and concerns about health and wellness. We also plan and conduct conferences and training sessions.

We build relationships with legislators and civic leaders to advocate for policy, programs and services. PBWHA also trains and mentors college and high school interns to develop their knowledge of public health work and leadership skills.

Programs we offer include: Safe Dates (preventing teen dating violence and abuse), Girls Circle (enhancing girls' ability to take full advantage of their talents, academic interests, career pursuits, and potential for healthy relationships), Wanna Bet? (problem gambling prevention for grades 3-8), Gambling Away the Golden years (problem gambling prevention for seniors), Supporting Our Sisters (parenting education program), Prime Time Sister Circle (improving the lifestyles of women of color ages 40-75 to address preventable illnesses). We are also developing new programs to address current and emerging health issues surrounding youth and the opioid crisis.

PBWHA was established by approximately 100 Philadelphia women who attended the First National Conference on Black Women's Health Issues in Atlanta, Georgia in 1983. The ladies recognized that the "voices" of African American women were largely unheard in the Philadelphia health community and mobilized their efforts to establish the Philadelphia Black Women's Health Project as that "voice." In 2004, our name was changed to "Black Women's Health Alliance." In May of 2010, after surveying over 300 women, the Board of Directors established obesity, heart health and stress, depression and mental health as the primary program focus areas for the organization. On June 2, 2011 the City Council of Philadelphia honored The Black Women's Health Alliance and presented a resolution designating the date as "Creating a Legacy of Wellness: Mind, Body and Spirit Day". After the presentation BWHA formally launched the "Creating a Legacy of Wellness: Mind, Body, and Spirit Initiative". The purpose of this initiative is to strategically unite leaders of health, social, professional, legislative, corporate, educational, community and faith-based institutions, whose work aligns with or impacts our mission, and work with these leaders to create a healthier community.

Our contact info:

Philadelphia Black Women's Health Alliance

Address: 1324 W. Clearfield St., Philadelphia, PA 19132
Phone: 215-225-0394