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Children's Crisis Treatment Center


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Children's Crisis Treatment Center

Children's Crisis Treatment Center (CCTC) provides mental and behavioral health services to children living in the Philadelphia region who have experienced childhood abuse, neglect, traumatic events and other challenges that can affect childhood development. CCTC passionately serves the emotional needs of children and their families beginning in early childhood. We meet children where they are and help them reach their full potential regardless of their challenges. At CCTC we help over 3,500 children and their families build a foundation, become empowered, and restore a sense of hope and future.

At CCTC, our approach to care revolves around an understanding of the impact of adverse childhood experiences. We know that despite tremendous challenges, children can heal from psychological and emotional injuries. Through lasting partnerships with families, schools and communities, CCTC creates environments that foster resiliency and recovery.

CCTC operates a full array of services within four divisions that provide services on-site, in homes, in schools, and in the community. Programs include but are not limited to:

  • Psychiatric Services
  • Outpatient Services
  • Trauma Services
  • Therapeutic Nursery, a preschool for children ages 2 1/2 - 5 years old
  • Acute Partial Hospitalization, for children 5 through 13 years old a day treatment
  • School-based Therapeutic Services, in 10 public and 5 charter schools
  • Specialized Case Management Programs for families from Mexico and Central America and West Africa
  • Parent/Caregiver Support Services

CCTC was founded in 1971 as a research demonstration project that was housed in the basement of the Franklin Institute and supported by Hahnemann University Hospital.

From 1978 - 1997, we grew by establishing programs such as the Therapeutic Nursery, Philadelphia's first ever Trauma Program serving children and families, providing psychological testing services, and Behavioral Health Rehabilitation Services.

The period between 1997 and 2009 saw the start-up of programs like the Summer Therapeutic Enrichment Program, School-based programs at Philadelphia's city schools and the Tamaa program which provides services to West African refugees. In addition, during this period CCTC began providing direct services to parents/caregivers.

The period between 2009 and the present saw a number of larger, infrastructure initiatives, including the adoption of an electronic medical records system, expansion into Montgomery County, and the formation of Caring Families, a parent/caregiver advisory board.

By 2011, CCTC began expanding existing programs into new settings such as emergency housing (shelter) settings and charter schools. Finally, 2014 saw the opening of two new programs: The Cornerstone Center, an acute partial hospitalization program, and the opening of our Montgomery County Division.

Today, CCTC provides high-quality mental and behavioral health services to over 3,500 children and families.

Our contact info:

Children's Crisis Treatment Center

Children's Crisis Treatment Center
1080 North Delaware Avenue Suite 600
Philadelphia, PA 19125

Telephone: 215-496-0707